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Legacy Cremation Services on the Communal Role of Cremation Specialists in Times of Crisis

In normal times, people engaged in providing end-of-life services remain out of the spotlight, quietly doing their demanding job and helping the bereaved move on. When crises hit, however, communities are reminded that these professionals are vital members of society, not only because of the important work they do but also the comfort and cohesion they bring in times of disruption and loss. “Whether people realize it or not, death care providers become part of the emergency responder force when natural or other disasters strike. In such times, they act as ‘the last responders,’ an invisible line of defense that keeps the fabric of society intact,” says Legacy Cremation Services. “With the shift to cremation accelerating in recent years, specialists in that area have grown in importance for their communities, as the current pandemic clearly demonstrates.”

The novel coronavirus triggered the most serious public health crisis in living memory, bringing in its wake a devastating loss of life, the worst recession since World War II. Amid lockdowns and social distancing rules, saying goodbye to departed loved ones has become an unprecedented ordeal for the bereaved and end-of-life service providers alike, Legacy Cremation Services points out. Yet, despite the overwhelming burden on their resources, the difficulties of adapting operations to a new reality, and the risk to their own health, cremation parlor directors are finding ways to rise to the challenge.

Although everyone knows these are unprecedented times there is nothing that can prepare someone for being denied the ability to say goodbye to their loved one. Death care workers have rose to this challenge also. They have innovated, introducing live-streaming services so that mourners can attend masses and say their goodbyes without jeopardizing their safety. Although struggling to do their duties, cremation specialists have remained committed to providing guidance and emotional support to the huge number of people who have lost loved ones to the virus. The level of support within the cremation professional community itself has been remarkable, with many rushing to aid colleagues in any way they can.

Expert advice, emotional assistance, and compassion have always been at the core of the guild, but the pandemic has brought into even sharp relief its communal importance, says Legacy Cremation Services. This notion featured prominently in the latest annual report of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), which noted, “The pandemic has forever changed the way families memorialize a loved one, further solidifying cremation as the leading end-of-life preference and funeral directors as unequivocal first responders in times of crisis.” The NFDA described these professionals “as leaders in their communities” and “a vital network of often-overlooked first responders during national and global crises,” adding that “from natural disasters to mass tragedies, funeral directors are on the front lines helping families navigate uncharted territory.” Commenting on the matter, 2019-2020 NFDA president, Bryant Hightower, said, “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, funeral directors have been an invaluable part of the community, providing constant support and flexibility as families make already difficult decisions under seemingly impossible circumstances. There was and is no road map for funeral directors during this unprecedented time, but they have undoubtedly risen to the occasion and adjusted their services to meet the moment.”

Legacy Cremation Services operates under the umbrella of Legacy Funeral Services, a national network of locally licensed death care businesses that was established in 1990. Dedicated to offering dignified and memorable cremation services at affordable prices, the non-denominational company provides a range of options, merchandise, and services to families of all ages, creeds, and ethnic backgrounds. With a team of experienced, compassionate, and respectful professionals, Legacy Cremation Services has guided its families for more than two decades through times of sorrow and difficult decisions, helping them honor the life and memory of their dearly departed.


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